PC and server DRAM prices are expected to rise by 10% in May this year

Research institutions and industry chain professionals have repeatedly predicted that global DRAM contract prices will rise in the first and second quarters of this year, and the increase in the second quarter will be higher than that in the first quarter.

The English-language media recently quoted reports from industry chain sources that despite the recent decline in spot market prices, the contract prices of PC and server DRAM will still rise by 10% in May.

At the end of March, some research institutions also predicted that the contract price of DRAM for PCs would increase by 3%-8% in the first quarter, and the increase would be even higher in the second quarter.

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Research institutes predict that the contract price of PC DRAM will increase more in the second quarter than in the first quarter, mainly because the demand is strong, but the supply is too low to meet the demand, and the supply and demand are imbalanced, which will lead to price increases.

In addition, at the end of March, some people in the industry chain revealed that global DRAM contract prices will increase by at least 5% in the second quarter, and the highest may reach 10%.

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