Apple iPhone 15 Pro 5G network

Apple iPhone 15 Pro significantly boosts 5G network performance

Apple iPhone 15 Pro has some extraordinary features and a recent report suggests that the device can significantly boost 5G network performance. The report kept this point after analyzing speed tests on different carriers including AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

It is worth mentioning that the ultimate 5G network boost in the Apple iPhone 15 Pro is the result of the Qualcomm X70 modem. The latest chip arrives on the device platform with three prominent improvements which are as follows:

  • Significantly lower power consumption gains
  • Better 5G carrier aggregation capabilities
  • Better connectivity when your iPhone is further away from a cell tower.

These points together are capable of raising the 5G network speed by 24% in comparison to the previous model. However, you may find some minor bumps in upload speed and improvements to ping times. Ahead, the report reveals that Verizon has the biggest gain in this concept, followed by T-Mobile and AT&T.

“Verizon had the biggest gain with the new phones being 24% faster, T-Mobile a close second at 22% faster but with 300 Mbps being the average download speed across the country. AT&T had a 14.6% faster average download speed.”

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Apple iPhone 15 Pro 5G network


Apple iPhone 15 Pro significantly boosts 5G network performance

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