Apple clamshell foldable iPhone

Apple reportedly working on two clamshell foldable iPhone prototypes

We all were aware of the fact that Apple is planning its first foldable device, but in the meantime, a new report has emerged that suggests, the firm is working on two clamshell foldable iPhone prototypes. It means we could also see a flip iPhone model just like the Galaxy Z Flip smartphone from Samsung.

According to the details, Apple is building prototypes of at least two iPhone foldable models that fold widthwise like a clamshell, these devices are currently in early development and are not on the company’s mass production plans for 2024 or 2025. Thus, users should not expect a foldable phone from Apple till 2026.

Notably, Apple has also been developing a larger form-factor foldable iPad, having faced challenges with the foldable iPhone project. The firm has recently discussed component orders with manufacturers in Asia, for a foldable iPhone in two different sizes.

Moving on, the firm is also reported to be working on ways to reduce the crease in the middle of the display that appears after folding many times. The company wants the device to lie completely flat, allowing users to interact with the screen and freely draw on it with accessories like Apple Pencil.

Apple clamshell foldable iPhone


Apple reportedly working on two clamshell foldable iPhone prototypes

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