Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro users facing screen problems

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This month, Google finally launched its Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones. The smartphones have already gone on sale and reached the customers. However, following the new information, some Pixel 6 and 6 Pro users are facing problems with their phone’s screen.

A Reddit user @HairyPorter23 posted a video. The video shows that when pressing the power button of Pixel 6 Pro, horizontal fine lines appear on the phone screen, and sometimes it is connected in pieces, making the screen appear flickering.


Google Pixel 6 Screen Issue

Later, some other Reddit users replied in a post that their Pixel 6 smartphones also have the same screen flicker problem. Some of them even considered returning the phone.

Google Pixel 6 Screen Issue

Another user also said that his Pixel 6 will be greenish when displaying a black screen. This is a common problem for the OLED screens used in the Google Pixel 6 series. Many brands of mobile phones with OLED screens have experienced this problem, including Google Previously in the Pixel 4 XL and 5a models.

Google Pixel 6 Screen Issue

But the strangest problem among these screen problems is that there is an extra hole near the front hole digging the camera on the screen. Twitter user @MarkSchrammVR also posted a video on Twitter. It can be seen from the video that there is an extra digging hole under the front digging camera of the phone. 

The user said that this is not physical damage to the screen, because pressing this position will not cause deformation and leakage. This seems to be another digging hole, but later he said that the dealer then replaced him with a machine that was not problematic.

Google Pixel 6 Screen Issue

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