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Google Pixel Fold can support Spatial Audio via built-in speakers

Google Pixel Fold is the first Pixel device that can support Spatial Audio through its in-built speakers. Of course, other handsets also feature the respective audio capability. But unlike the latest foldable, these devices require the support of headphones.

Recently, the well-known Google analyst @MishaalRahman shared a new post on Reddit and explained that the Pixel Fold can support Spatial Audio facility over phone speakers. The observer also pointed out the official support page that reads “Pixel Fold only” for the mentioned ability.

One can check the availability of this feature in the settings of the Google Pixel Fold. Here’s a toggle that enables Spatial Audio through the built-in speakers. The foldable phone has two primary speaker drivers, one on the top and one on the bottom, on opposite sides of the device when it’s unfolded.

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This entire build-up leads to much greater stereo separation compared to traditional smartphones, which are usually limited to just one primary speaker backed up by the weaker earpiece speaker.

Google Pixel Fold Spatial Audio support


Google Pixel Fold can support Spatial Audio via built-in speakers

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