Google Pixel Sound app update brings new Material You and tons of new ringtones

Google Pixel 6

The launch of the Pixel 6 is approaching, and it looks like Google is making sure all the pieces and pieces are there before they are released. After reviewing almost all the major key apps in its new Material You design language, the company has now started releasing the Pixel Sounds app, with new visuals and tons of new songs.

As seen by 9to5Google, the redesigned Sounds app removes the blue and black/white theme, making the colors purer white and gray in the theme of a and gray colors in the dark theme or black and white for the light theme.

As with all other system settings, the update also moves the app bar by scrolling down for accessibility reasons, it also only moves up when you start scrolling. The homepage with two columns based on columns forms a neat layout, arranged inside a rectangle with rounded corners.

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Our ears are waiting for a new collection of “Material Adventures” available in all three sound categories: alarms, notifications, and calls. Contains 42 new sounds, and 14 sounds for each genre.

They all have similarities that are less diminished and highly recommended than older options, with softer, less defined sounds. They are exactly the same as other Android 12 ringtones introduced earlier. If you have a Pixel phone, be sure to check out the Play Store for updates. Once the new audio app has been found in the APK Mirror, we will let you know.

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