Here’s what makes OnePlus 11 more exciting than Samsung Galaxy S23 series

OnePlus 11 Samsung Galaxy S23

February 2023 is going to be a flagship month! And why not, the days begin with the two giant smartphone models of the year – the OnePlus 11 and the Samsung Galaxy S23 series. Both iconic devices are going to step on the user platform with ultimate characteristics.

Despite the best features, there are a few things that make the OnePlus 11 handset edge over the Samsung Galaxy S23 models. Yes, and it looks like the Chinese tech maker will be the next king ruling over the smartphone market with its latest OnePlus 11 handset.

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Why so? Here are a few reasons that will make you a little more excited for OnePlus 11 than the upcoming Galaxy S series models. Let’s begin the exploration of these reasons and view a new perspective of these phones.

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Though the Korean manufacturer is well-known for imposing tech-pack features and outstanding cameras on its devices. Yet, users expect something new in every handset, especially in terms of design. However, Samsung’s upcoming flagship looks just boring to the eyes.

Have you seen the leaked images? Did you find anything new in the S23 series in comparison to its predecessors? The answer is a big NO. It’s only the standard and the Plus versions with a slight change in their appearance. While it’s still difficult to make a difference between S23 Ultra and S22 Ultra as they are so similar in their looks.

OnePlus 11 Samsung Galaxy S23

On the other hand, OnePlus has made good changes in its 11th model. We have already gone through the snaps and the giant camera module with K-shape lighting that makes the outlook of the device far better than the previous 10th series. Further, it appears as a fresh piece in front of users over the new ‘S’ lineup.

OnePlus 11 Samsung Galaxy S23

Yes, we agree that the matte finish isn’t a new thing when it comes to OnePlus. But the latest model of the Chinese firm seems to be a modified version of what we have already viewed in the past time. Meanwhile, the camera shape is just binding our eyes to it.

The addition of Ultra pushes the normal variants behind!

Of course. Everyone seems catchy towards the Ultra variants of Samsung, which almost makes the standard and the Plus variants left out in the market. Also, the cost ranking of all three models often feels so similar that consumers possess to choose the Ultra-tagged handsets rather than the normal ones. Moreover, it becomes tough to select one device from the three options with almost the same kind of features.

OnePlus 11 Samsung Galaxy S23

But that’s not the case with OnePlus 11. It is entirely different and the company didn’t align any similar model besides it. Sarcastically, it is one in a thousand models. Next, the new improvements in the performance, battery, camera, and core configuration makes us more optimistic about the OnePlus handset.

OnePlus 11 Samsung Galaxy S23

Just a few days more and we will have both models in front of us. Let’s see which phone will offer the utmost user experience in real time.

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