Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 5x zoom

New leak confirms 100x zoom for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

We are months away from unveiling the following flagship lineup. Still, the leaks and rumors are continuously making waves on the internet, giving users hints at what to expect from these upcoming devices. Recently, a new leak has emerged which confirms that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will feature 100x zoom capability.

Yes, there will be no 10x or 5x zoom capability and only the 100x will live on. As per the information, the Galaxy S24 Ultra camera module could consist of a 200-megapixel HP2SX (1/1.3″ | 0.6μm) primary, a 12-megapixel IMX564 (1/2.55″ | 1.4μm), a 10-megapixel IMX754+ (1/3.52″ | 1.12μm) 3x telephoto and a 48-megapixel ISOCELL GMU (1/2.25″ | 0.8μm) 5x telephoto.

The source further revealed that the Korean tech giant currently has four prototypes of the S24 Ultra, featuring 5x telephoto camera sensors, which you can check below.

  1. IMX 858 — 2.51″
  2. ISOCELL GM2 — 2″
  3. ISOCELL GM5 — 2.55″
  4. ISOCELL GMU — 2.25″

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New leak confirms 100x zoom for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

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