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OnePlus 12 is on track to outshine Samsung with superior display tech

OnePlus 12, the upcoming flagship smartphone, is poised to surpass Samsung with its cutting-edge display technology. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, OnePlus has consistently pushed boundaries in the smartphone industry and is set to deliver an unparalleled visual experience to users.

According to the information of Digital Chat Station, the high-end customized screen on the OnePlus 12 is codenamed ‘Dongfang’ and it will offer a 2K display resolution with curved edges. Simultaneously, the display on the upcoming OnePlus 12 flagship will be better than Samsung AMOLED panels.

The screen on the OnePlus 12 will offer premium color, brightness, and eye protection making it the top one in the industry. In addition, the upcoming smartphone is also tipped to pack many exclusive technologies that remain unknown at the moment.

It’s worth mentioning that OnePlus has always been known for its close attention to detail and its commitment to providing the best user experience. With the OnePlus 12, they are likely to continue this trend by offering a customizable display.

However, it’s clear to see that OnePlus is positioning itself as a formidable competitor in the display technology race. As of now, the focus of OnePlus is on the unveiling of its first foldable device, the Open, which is also tipped to features and upgraded BOE panels, to offer a more sophisticated visual experience.

OnePlus 12 display


OnePlus 12 is on track to outshine Samsung with superior display tech

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