OnePlus 12 camera launch

OnePlus 12 to launch globally in early 2024 with enhanced camera

OnePlus 12 is marked as the upcoming flagship smartphone with enhanced camera capabilities and is expected to launch in early 2024. It looks like the Chinese OEM has finally started paying attention to its users’ words and will shape the next model accordingly.

As per the latest inputs surfing on Weibo, the OnePlus 12 will launch with iconic camera features around December 2023 in China, making a debut on the global platform in Q1 2024. On the flip side, a well-known tipster shared some major camera specs that we may find in the next smartphone.

Eventually, the specifications hint that OnePlus 12 will get an improved new generation display. Perhaps, we may get rid of the annoying green/pink line issues this time. Hereafter, the leak shows a fresh imaging sensor and a brand-new telephoto lens.

In addition, the phone will bring faster charging capabilities of 150W with a 5000mAh battery capacity. Next, the camera is hearsay to appear in a circular module with a central symmetrical design. Flashing more light, the device might flaunt a 50MP IMX9 series main shooter, a 50MP wide-angle lens, and a dynamic 64MP (OV64b) periscope sensor.

Ahead, the phone could wear the display of the Samsung 2K ultra-narrow curved screen and will adopt a centered single-hold design. Moreover, the handset may equip the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip to bring outstanding performance on board.

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Things are still wandering in rumors and speculation. Though we will keep you updated with the latest inputs and details on this matter. As a matter of excitement, it’s good to see that the tech giant is showing some moves in the favor of consumers.

OnePlus 12 camera launch

Featured Image – ShishirShelke1 (Twitter)

OnePlus 12 to launch globally in early 2024 with enhanced camera

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