Apple clamshell foldable iPhone

Samsung allegedly signed agreement with Apple for foldable phone display 

Key Points 

  • Apple reportedly partnered with Samsung for its foldable phone display.
  • First Apple foldable could feature a display supplied by Samsung Electronics.
  • Apple is expected to introduce its first foldable phone in late 2026.

Apple is preparing to launch its first foldable phone for a long time, but it hasn’t become a reality so far. However, now it seems that the process is moving ahead as Samsung has allegedly signed an agreement with Apple to supply a display for the US tech giant’s first foldable phone.

According to the information, the renowned maker – Samsung Display has reportedly signed a deal with Apple to supply its immersive display for its highly anticipated foldable phone. This partnership shows Samsung’s expertise in display technology ensuring a high-quality visual experience for users.

The details of this collaboration between Samsung and Apple for foldable displays are currently covered in secrecy. However, we could get more information on this in the future, as Apple’s first foldable product is expected to arrive next year, and the most awaited foldable iPhone in late 2026.


To be mentioned, foldable phones have been making waves in recent years, captivating the attention of users worldwide. Simultaneously, the current foldable market is captured by Galaxy Foldable, while, the stepping up of Apple into the foldable phone arena could be a threat for Samsung.

Apple clamshell foldable iPhone


Samsung allegedly signed agreement with Apple for foldable phone display 

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