Samsung Slidable display

Samsung and Lenovo reportedly begin Slidable display journey 

Key Points 

  • Samsung Display is working on a new form factor device.
  • This slidable form factor is expected to be used for tablets and laptops.
  • Samsung joined hands with Lenovo to embark on the Slidable display journey.

After much planning and anticipation, Samsung has reportedly joined forces with Lenovo to embark on its journey into slidable display tech. This collaboration between two well-known tech giants is expected to bring exciting advancements in display technology.

As per the information of ETNews, Samsung Display in collaboration with Lenovo has started working on a slidable display. The prototype on which Samsung and Lenovo are working will make the 13-inch screen as large as 17 inches when pulled or slid.

The reports further suggest that the firm will commercialize a product that Samsung introduced in 2022. While the complete product is intended to be unveiled at the end of this year or in early 2025 by Lenovo. An industry official said,

  • “We have decided on commercialization and are in the process of making mass-produced panels.” 


Notably, the specific details about slidable display devices are yet to be revealed. Yet, this new form factor is expected to offer a unique and versatile user experience, allowing users to extend their device screen size by sliding the display horizontally or vertically.

It also provides a balance between portability and screen real estate, giving users the best of both segments. Furthermore. the partnership between Samsung and Lenovo holds great promise for the future of slidable displays.

Samsung Slidable display


Samsung and Lenovo reportedly begin Slidable display journey 

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