Samsung Galaxy Fold dies after 120,000 folds in robot test

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is the latest and unique improvement in today’s tech world. This device can work when it is open or it is folded. To test the durability or how many times you can fold it, CNET did a test where a robot folded the Galaxy Fold several times.
CNET posted a live-stream of the test, as the robot folded the Galaxy Fold roughly three times a second. At the end of the test, after 119,380 folds (you can check at 3:28:21), the Galaxy Fold died. It’s half screen went dead and at 120,168 folds the device got stuck.

At the beginning of the test, the device did very well in the first 40,000 folds, or you can say the equivalent of one year of usage.

To be more correct, this test is not performed by any human, we can not compare human and robot with this folding method. I and anyone will not perform this task as fast as the robot did in above video.
Additionally, the robot seems to use more power than a human hand. All we can say about the test is Samsung did very fantastic work on the latest tech.
We can say Samsung Galaxy Fold can survive the toughest folding test by any human alive. Below you can see the more gentle test by Robot where the Galaxy Fold can stand up to 200,000 folds.

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