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Samsung Galaxy S25 to boast 2nd-gen Gemini Nano Generative AI: Rumor

Samsung and Google are two real contenders as well as partners that aim to provide users the most relevant experience with their advancements. However, its best example could be seen in Samsung’s upcoming S flagships, as the Galaxy S25 series is rumored to boast 2nd-gen Gemini Nano Generative AI.

Galaxy S25 Gemini Nano Generative AI

According to the information, the Korean tech giant has reportedly partnered with Google to embrace on-device AI, including generative AI for the Galaxy S25 series. This means Google’s second-generation or an upgraded version of Gemini Nano AI will be applied to Samsung’s 2025 S flagship lineup.

To be mentioned, Gemini Nano is Google’s cutting-edge generative AI technology, designed to enhance various aspects of user experience on Pixel devices. While the South Korean tech maker also introduced its own version of generative AI called Galaxy AI with the Galaxy S24 series starting this year.

Both the AI versions including Google’s Gemini Nano and Samsung’s Galaxy AI offer ultimate features and capabilities resulting in an intelligent and intuitive smartphone experience. Therefore, Google’s Gemini Nano degradation will further revolutionize the way users interact with their Pixel and Galaxy devices.


However, there is no further information available on features and improvements that the next generation of Gemini Nano will bring, but we can expect it to be a more appropriate version than the current one. While these rumors are yet to be confirmed by the tech makers.

But, if these rumors turn out to be true, then it could mark a significant leap forward in smartphone AI capabilities and make the Galaxy S25, Galaxy S25+, and Galaxy S25 Ultra much more pleasing than the Galaxy S24 series.


Samsung Galaxy S25 to boast 2nd-gen Gemini Nano Generative AI: Rumor

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