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Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra to skip rumored Polar ID tech 

Key Points 

  • Samsung to bring upgraded facial recognition tech with Galaxy S26 Ultra.
  • Galaxy S25 Ultra may continue to use face unlock, rather than opting for Polar ID.

Samsung was rumored to bring the advanced Polar ID tech with Galaxy S25 Ultra. Meanwhile, a new input has emerged on the web indicating that this rumor will not become reality. Thus, Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra won’t support Polar ID tech.

As per the details, it’s not possible to bring the iPhone-like Face ID tech with the Galaxy S25 Ultra next year. But an improved and more secure technology could be indulged in Galaxy S26 Ultra, expected to launch in 2026.

It means the next S flagship series continue to use its existing face unlock feature for authentication and security purposes. To be mentioned, the face unlock in Samsung’s flagship devices, offers users a convenient and secure way to access their phones.

But with every new release, users expect some or the other upgrade, and so is the anticipation of upgraded facial recognition tech. The lack of Polar ID might be disappointing for those, anticipating an iPhone-like Face ID system in the Galaxy S25 Ultra.


A few days back, the Galaxy S25 Ultra with model number SM-S938U was spotted on the IMEI database, suggesting that Samsung has started working on its next flagship line. While, the Galaxy S25, S25+, and S25 Ultra are expected to launch at the beginning of 2025.



Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra to skip rumored Polar ID tech 

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