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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 with bigger battery, Wi-Fi 6E spotted on FCC 

Key Points 

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 appears on the FCC listing.
  • Galaxy Z Flip 6 will miss the faster Wi-Fi 7 tech.
  • FCC reveals bigger battery capacity and Wi-Fi 6E for Flip 6.
  • Galaxy Z Flip 6 will be unveiled at Galaxy Unpacked in July.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 has made its way to the FCC with a larger battery capacity and support for Wi-Fi 6E technology. However, one most notable absence here is the Wi-Fi 7 support, setting upcoming clamshell device apart from the latest Wi-Fi standards.

Yes, the lack of Wi-Fi 7 may raise questions among users, because, Samsung has already brought this faster tech to its smartphone lineup with Galaxy S24 Ultra. Thus, we can expect the inclusion of faster and more efficient Wi-Fi 7 tech in the Galaxy Z Fold 6.

On the other side, the combination of a bigger battery and Wi-Fi 6E support might appeal to those seeking enhanced performance and regular connectivity in a compact form factor.


As per the input, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has listed Galaxy Z Flip 6 with model number SM-F741U. The database revealed that the phone will feature a 3,887mAh battery marketed as 4,000mAh. This is 300 mAh larger than its predecessor.

The listing also confirms that the phone will have dual-cell batteries carrying model numbers EB-BF741ABY and EB-BF742ABY. Not only this, the FCC further reveals support of Wi-Fi 2.4GHz, 5GHz, Wi-Fi 6E, NFC, Bluetooth, and more for the upcoming clamshell phone.

Samsung Galaxy Flip 6 battery FCC 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 with bigger battery, Wi-Fi 6E spotted on FCC 

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