Samsung is planning new processor for Galaxy S25 series

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Samsung is planning a new processor for the Galaxy S25 series. But this chipset will not appear until 2025. One of the chief executives of the Korean company told that they are working on a unique chipset for the upcoming Galaxy handsets.


Although, we do not have any specific details about the chipset. But the announcement by Samsung itself sounds like big news for its fans. It also gives an idea that the S25 lineup of the manufacturer is going to be a huge device in itself.  So far, the company was building its Exynos chips for the smartphone products. However, somehow Qualcomm managed to beat the Korean tech maker and started leading the way.

Although, Samsung didn’t stop with the Exynos processor and kept it continue in other regional markets. But, for the major nations such as the United States and South Korea, the company relies on the Snapdragon processor. Thus, users have a much better experience with Samsung devices with Snapdragon SoC.

Samsung is planning new processor for Galaxy S25 series

However, the latest news tells us that Samsung will introduce a new processor for Galaxy S25 series in the year 2025. For the moment, things remain under the hood. But soon the company will give more information about its planning and implementation of new tech.


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