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Samsung plans to reduce Galaxy Z Flip 6 screen crease via thicker UTG solution

Key Points 

  • Galaxy Z Flip 6 could offer less visible screen crease.
  • Samsung planning to use a thicker UTG for the Galaxy Z Flip 6.
  • Reduced crease on display will offer a more immersive visual experience.
  • Galaxy Z Flip 6 is expected to be unveiled in July 2024.

The visibility of the crease on screens is one of the key challenges faced by foldable smartphones. However, with the launch of upcoming foldable phones, Samsung seems to tackle this concern. Yes, the Galaxy Z Flip 6 smartphone is set to take the foldable market by storm.

As per the information of TheElec, Samsung is planning to use a thicker UTG (Ultra Thin Glass) solution to minimize Galaxy Z Flip 6 screen crease. This innovative technology not only reduces the visibility of the screen crease but also provides improved durability.

The report suggests that Samsung will use 50 microns thick UTG for Galaxy Z Flip 6, while, the thickness of Galaxy Z Flip 5 Ultra Thin Glass is only 30 microns. This increased thickness of the glass might reduce the visibility of the crease, providing users with a more immersive display.


Overall, the use of a thicker UTG solution will minimize screen crease and this will ensure that Galaxy Z Flip 6 offers a smoother and more seamless folding experience, allowing users to enjoy their content without any interruptions or distractions.

On the other hand, the Korean tech giant is also expected to design a new hinge structure and a new UTG structure for Galaxy Z Flip 7, anticipated to launch in 2025. It means users can expect to see much lesser crease on future foldable phones.

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Samsung plans to reduce Galaxy Z Flip 6 screen crease via thicker UTG solution

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