Samsung published patent describing new foldable and sliding display smartphone

Samsung provides us a clue about its upcoming development or release with the help of a patent. And now according to the latest information, Samsung has released one more patent which shows extremely unique design. It can also be said that this will be the next flip series smartphone patent.


As per the released documentation,  now we have a feasible design for one of Samsung’s future Flip series Foldable smartphones. This is not a concept render, it is a design based on a Samsung patent. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) released the documentation for the smartphone design patent from Samsung.

The device has been praised as a “multi-folding electronic device” that is essentially a foldable smartphone. But it’s not like the current Galaxy Z Flip ClamShell foldable. Although it is still folded horizontally, it is stretchable.

When folded, this phone is as compact as the Galaxy Z Flip 3. You can open it to get the full-size smartphone screen. On top of that, you can double the screen real estate by dragging up the screen where the device can roll from the bottom. When completely removed, the device is twice as big as Flip3.

The device is built to split the entire screen into two straight halves and two flat halves. It allows users to, for example, play multiplayer games simultaneously on the same device. This patent documentation explains that Samsung does not equip this foldable smartphone with a secondary display on the outside.

Galaxy Z Flip Slide

The patent application does not always prove that such a product is under development or that the company is considering it. While foldables for smartphones are definitely moving forward, we may still be a few years away from realizing multi-folding smartphones. It is also equipped with foldable and rollable technology.

Via – SammyFans

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