What’s your favorite feature about OnePlus 11 flagship?

OnePlus 11 favorite feature

OnePlus 11 has stepped into the consumer platform with a variety of new functionalities, but what’s your favorite feature? Before you opt in to choose your gem element of the device, let’s dive into what perks the company has offered its users in the form of its latest flagship.

To begin with, the tech maker has really shown its concern for its consumers. And accordingly offered some of the best functions to the 11th model over its previous gadgets. The new addition to the hardware family is a fascinating upgrade from the OnePlus 10 Pro that has lagged in impressing customers so far.

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Consequently, the biggest and most-awaited change is the return of ‘Alert Slider’. An interesting toggle switch that lets you swap between the vibrate, silent, and ring modes. To date, it has been the most beloved feature for OnePlus fans.

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Although, the company ditched the original element in the 10th series, which disappointed the users. Fortunately, we again have it with the OnePlus 11 smartphone.

Next is the third-generation Hasselblad integration. The company has done seamless work with the camera segment this time. And the results are just amazing. OnePlus 11 accompanies a portrait master lens that eventually brings out the best portrait snaps with an accurate blur effect.

OnePlus 11 favorite feature
Source – OnePlus Twitter

On the flip side, the company said that OnePlus 11 camera is not a light and color thing, but more than that. With natural tones and sophisticated depth, the device offers exactly what a user would like to see in the optical framework.

Last but not least, OnePlus 11 fast charging and battery abilities. The SuperVOOC addition has uplifted the charging capability. On the greener side, the battery health feature is hearsay to amplify the power and energy status for a longer duration.

So users! Among these three elements, what is your favorite OnePlus 11 feature? Also do you like something else about the device? Let us know in the comment section.

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