Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 Dragon Scale Fiber

Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 to bring “Dragon Scale Fiber” back cover

Xiaomi is going to host an annual speech and product launch event today, and one of the main highlight of this program will be the MIX Fold 3, which is reported to feature “Dragon Scale Fiber” back cover material. Due to the influence of the mechanical structure, one of the most feared problems of folding phones is damage after falling.

Taking this into consideration, the Chinese tech giant has worked well on the reliability of Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 and has used Dragon Scale Fiber” back body material to address this issue. The “Dragon Scale Fiber” used in the device is said to have advantages, including high toughness, high strength, impact resistance, and puncture resistance.

In fact, a ceramic fiber thinner than a strand of hair can withstand a stretching force of 1.15 kg without snapping. This is 36 times more impact resistant than glass! Xiaomi’s teaser for the upcoming foldable suggests that the phone will be incredibly durable.

The teaser highlights the phone’s “Xiaomi Dragon Scale Fiber” body material. Made from a blend of ceramic fiber and aramid fiber composite material, the fiber undergoes a high-temperature, high-pressure composite molding process at 150℃. The result is a body material that is incredibly strong and resilient, making it much more resistant to damage from falls.


Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 Dragon Scale Fiber

Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 to bring “Dragon Scale Fiber” back cover

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