Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will use 12MP front camera: Report

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The 12MP front camera used in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone is hard to believe, but, appears to be the reality quoted by TheElec. The company introduced a massive 40MP front camera with the Galaxy S20 Ultra, the latter being the Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Notably, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will be the first Samsung smartphone to feature a huge 200MP main camera sensor. However, it turns out that the company is reducing the cost of this flagship by downgrading other aspects.

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TheElec is known as a reliable source for Samsung news, as one of its biggest advantages is that it is located in South Korea, which is Samsung’s home ground. As the blog revealed the details of all Galaxy S23 Ultra camera sensors and suppliers, it also mentioned that “the front camera will be 12MP.”

One UI 5.0 Extract text from imageAt Samsung, megapixels don’t matter, but, no doubt, it’s a big marketing approach. One more thing, the difference between the speculated and rumored camera megapixels is huge (40MP > 12MP) and if the report is correct then it will definitely affect the imaging capability of the S23 Ultra.

Reports say a 12MP resolution front-facing camera has been used on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Meanwhile, in the supplier information, Namuga and Powerlogics are mentioned as suppliers of the 10MP front camera. The same report mentioned two different front-camera, which also ended in confusion.

Moreover, Galaxy S10+ uses 10MP and 8MP dual front cameras, S20 Ultra uses a 40MP 1/2.65-inch Quad-Bayer sensor, S21 Ultra uses a primary 40MP sensor with 0.7μm pixels and the S22 Ultra uses a 40MP 1/2.82″ sensor. What do you think about it, will Samsung offer the Galaxy S23 Ultra with a front camera of 12MP or 10MP?