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Latest update allows Galaxy Buds users to launch Samsung Music app quickly 

Key Points 

  • The latest update of the Music app allows users to launch Samsung Music with touch and hold gestures on their Galaxy Buds.
  • If you have Galaxy Buds, then you can now open the Samsung Music app in a moment with a simple touch and hold gesture.

Whether you’re a music lover, a podcast fan, or just enjoy having some tunes in the background, the recent addition to the Samsung Music application is sure to enhance your listening experience. Yes, now it becomes easier for Galaxy Buds users to launch the Samsung Music app.

According to the information, the recent update of Samsung Music allows Galaxy Buds users to launch the app simply with a touch-and-hold gesture. This eliminates the need to go to your phone every time, you want to listen to music and makes things more convenient for you.

Imagine yourself out on a run or doing tasks around the house, and you want to switch up your playlist. Instead of reaching for your phone, you can simply use the touch-and-hold gesture on any pair of your Galaxy Buds to get instant access to the Samsung Music app.


To start casting the Samsung Music app quickly on your Galaxy phone, all you need to do is. Visit the Galaxy Wearable app and toggle on the Touch controls option. Now, enable Touch and Hold, and here assign permission to any of your earbuds to launch Samsung Music when detected gesture.

So, to take advantage of this outstanding functionality on any of their Galaxy Buds lineup, users are required to update their Samsung Music App to the latest version.

Galaxy Buds Samsung Music


Latest update allows Galaxy Buds users to launch Samsung Music app quickly 

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