Nothing Ear (1) earbuds spotted with new Stick case

Nothing Phone (1) will be officially released on July 12, and the brand’s new headphones are also on the way. According to the news obtained by the revealer Mukul Sharma, the Nothing Ear (1) Stick true wireless headset is also about to be released, and a rendering of the headset has been released, which looks similar to the Nothing Ear (1). The headphone case has a long bar instead of the Nothing Ear (1) square.


Moreover, the revealer also released the Amazon product page,  leaked price and release date of the Nothing Ear (1) Stick, saying that the headset will be released on September 19, priced at 99 euros, and the Nothing Ear (1 ) at the same price.

It is not clear what the hardware upgrade of the Nothing Ear (1) Stick is compared to the Nothing Ear (1), but as you can see from the renderings, half of the new earphone shell is also fully transparent, so you can clearly see the noise reduction inside, microphone, filter, PCBA circuit board.

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