OnePlus responds to Buds Pro battery life and overheating issues

OnePlus Buds Pro battery issues

OnePlus Buds Pro device users could get relief from the battery and overheating issues in the coming days. Eventually, the tech maker responded to the long-awaited OnePlus Buds Pro defect thread on the community forum and assured to bring a fix soon.

The story outline begins in August 2022, when the Chinese firm pushed a decent firmware update for the tiny OnePlus Buds Pro devices. Being a worthy build, it didn’t hinder the devices to a large extent. Yet, many OnePlus users reported that they are facing some battery issues in the Buds Pro/ Buds Z2 after the new version.

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To reach out to more users and identify how far the issues hovered, a OnePlus fan dropped a poll in the community forum. This poll consists of several alternatives regarding what type of problem, the users are facing with their mini gadgets.

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Further, he asked the corresponding device owners to choose one of the choices. Accordingly, he also requested users to pin down their feedback and their experience related to the update. For your information, users are mainly stuck with battery life and feature-based issues.

OnePlus Buds Pro battery issues

As of now, a OnePlus moderator responded to the issue after a long wait. Consequently, the moderator said that the team has begun their investigation, and identified a quick surge of queries related to battery life on the TWS (True Wireless) products.

Besides, the statement also read that it is normal for electronic devices to face some battery loss during the usual lifetime of the product after extended continued use. Although if the problem continues for a long while, you can contact the service centers.

“If you’re facing a situation where you are encountering abnormal battery performance, with significantly reduced playback time, we ask you to contact our after-sales service for a repair. Our Service executives will do their best to support you on this matter”

The moderator also clarified that the message applies to users who have both Buds Pro in and out of warranty. Thus, in case you are dealing with any such situation, you can follow the above-mentioned criteria.


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