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Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 might feature Blood Sugar monitoring function

Key Points

  • Samsung could finally bring Blood Sugar monitoring feature to its smartwatch lineup with Galaxy Watch 7.
  • Galaxy Watch 7 is expected to include heart health monitoring, menstrual cycle prediction, and comprehensive sleep analysis.
  • The inclusion of Blood Sugar tracking functionality will provide real-time data right on your wrist.

Leaks and rumors about Samsung’s next-generation smartwatch are making a buzz in the tech world, giving users a hint at its expected upgrades. Meanwhile, a recent report indicates that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 might finally bring a blood sugar monitoring function.

According to the information, Samsung executives are currently involved in a discussion about the future of the digital health industry and the role of wearables. The conversation focuses on AI technology, diabetes, blood glucose monitoring, arrhythmia, and hypertension-like health aspects.

Therefore, some industry insiders via Pulse anticipates that, Samsung will add blood glucose monitoring function to the upcoming wearable lineup – Galaxy Watch 7. The report further added, the latest smart watch is likely to be classified as an electronic device rather than a medical device.

If this information comes out to be true, than it would be a groundbreaking addition. As this new feature will provide users with a convenient and more seamless way to monitor their blood sugar levels throughout the day.


However, this Blood sugar monitoring can be a game-changer for those who need to keep a close eye on their glucose levels, such as people with diabetes. Consequently, Samsung is expected to unveil Galaxy Watch 7 series alongside sixthe generation foldable phones and other Galaxy products at Galaxy Unpacked event in July 2024.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 might feature Blood Sugar monitoring function

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