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Samsung planned a more satisfying delivery process for your Galaxy Ring

Key Points 

  • Samsung planned a special way to help customers choose the right ring size.
  • Samsung Galaxy Ring delivery process will be more satisfying and adequate.
  • Samsung will send sample rings to help users find their best size.

Samsung will launch its first-ever Galaxy Ring at the Galaxy Unpacked event 2024 in July. This upcoming wearable will not be an adjustable one and come in different sizes. So, to help users find their perfect fit, Samsung has found a more personalized delivery process.

As per the information, Samsung will offer two options when a customer orders their Galaxy Ring from Samsung’s website. Among these one will be valid for those who already know their size. While second one will benefit those who are not aware of their ring finger size.

Yes, for those who are unsure of their ring size, Samsung has introduced a unique delivery process to make sure you get the perfect fit. When placing an order for the Galaxy Ring and selecting the “I don’t know my size” option, customers will receive a special delivery.

Samsung will send a sizing kit before your order, and this will include sample rings based on US standard sizes. Now, users will be allowed to try out these samples and determine the best size for their Galaxy Ring.


Once satisfied, users will be required to confirm their ring size on the My Order page and check the email for confirmation. After this, your perfectly fit Galaxy Ring will be delivered to your doorstep. This approach aims to eliminate the hassles and ensure better customer satisfaction.

By providing customers with sample rings to try on, Samsung is going the extra mile to enhance the shopping experience and make sure that every Galaxy Ring owner gets a comfortable and well-fitting ring right from the start. The customer who knows their ring finger size will receive their order via a general process.

 Samsung Galaxy Ring delivery process


Samsung planned a more satisfying delivery process for your Galaxy Ring

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