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Zoom app launches for Apple Vision Pro (visionOS) with Spatial Zoom, 3D object sharing and more features

Apple will launch its first headset model – Vision Pro on February 2, 2024, in the US, and this model comes with several capabilities and features such as Zoom app compatibility. Yes, a new Zoom app has been launched for the Apple Vision Pro (visionOS) headset with Spatial Zoom, 3D object sharing, and many more features.

According to the information, Zoom announced a new app which is designed for Apple Vision Pro, to offer users the ability to connect with colleagues and customers in a more real-world, immersive environment. With this app, Zoom’s newest innovation propels the company into the new world of spatial computing.

Among the standout features of the Zoom app on Apple Vision Pro (VisionOS) the Personas and Spatial Zoom take center stage. Apart from these, Zoom also has plans to introduce additional features for its Apple Vision Pro app in the spring including 3D object sharing, Zoom Team Chat, and real-world pinning.

Zoom‘s new app is integrated with the innovative VisionOS and aims to redefine the virtual meeting experience. Accordingly, users will be able to download Zoom from the App Store. Simultaneously, you can also check the features that the Zoom app will offer on Apple Vision Pro below.

Apple Vision Pro features with Zoom on visionOS

  • Personas: Users are represented by an authentic spatial representation of themselves in Apple Vision Pro, allowing other meeting participants to see their facial and hand movements.
  • Spatial Zoom experience: Zoom on Apple Vision Pro creates an immersive experience that can be scaled to the perfect size, which is ideal for users wanting to feel like they are in the same room as their colleagues and customers, without the need for additional physical equipment or setup.

Additional features of Zoom on Apple Vision Pro

  • 3D object sharing: For some industries, like media and design, sharing 3D files is an important part of the workflow. While it’s possible to share these files on traditional screens, the experience will come to life when seeing objects in the context of an environment. For instance, an animator or game designer could collaborate and share the latest character model via Zoom’s 3D object sharing capabilities.
  • Zoom Team Chat: Team Chat is tightly integrated with Zoom Meetings and makes it easy to share information and connect with teammates. Apple Vision Pro users will be able to collaborate with colleagues and streamline communications using Team Chat in the Zoom app.
  • Real-world pinning: Users will be able to pin up to five Zoom Meeting participants anywhere in their physical space, with the option to remove the background of pinned participants, helping Apple Vision Pro users feel more connected to the people in the meeting.

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Zoom app launches for Apple Vision Pro (visionOS) with Spatial Zoom, 3D object sharing and more features

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