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Google Material You Sliders now looks more thicker and impressive 

Sliders are elements that allow users to view and select a value or a range along a track, they’re ideal for adjusting settings such as volume and brightness, or for applying image filters. However, the Google Material You Theming is now adding some tweaks which makes sliders look thicker and impressive.

According to the details, Material You has redesigned sliders that are thicker and should be easier to interact with. Google introduced a new shape for slider tracks and handles. The line, or active track, is now pill-shaped, and instead of a circle, there’s a vertical line as the handle to move the slider.

There is also a physical gap between the slider handle and the active/inactive track. Notably, the redesigned sliders are available in four configurations. The variant with dots is a discrete slider, while you can have a value appear when the handle is pressed or dragged.

  • Centered sliders have the starting value in the middle of the slider.
  • Continuous sliders can be freely dragged to any value in the range.
  • Discrete sliders snap to predefined values, marked with stop indicators.
  • Range selection sliders have two handles that set the minimum and maximum of a range.


Google Material You thicker Sliders


Google Material You Sliders now looks more thicker and impressive 

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