“League of Legends Mobile Games” Chinese version service receiving 9 major mobile game adaptability content

Last month, “League of Legends Mobile Games” officially announced that the Chinese version service has begun preparations for the first test plan, and the game will meet with the summoners within this year.

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The project team is currently preparing for localized content, such as UI and system design, server construction, network environment testing, matching mechanism optimization, and security system development. Today, “League of Legends Mobile Games” officially introduced the game’s adaptability changes in detail:

Flying bullet observation

The summoner can observe the flight trajectory of some heroes’ ultimate skills by clicking or long-pressing the skill button

Summon control

Drag the skill button to select the enemy by focus.

Critical HP

The mobile game has added a replenishment reminder. When a single basic attack can directly kill a creep, the life bar of the creep will turn white. The critical health value of the mending knife shown on the screen will not be included in the additional damage caused by critical strikes, penetration, equipment, skills, and runes.

Picture in Picture

When the hero skill is triggered off-screen with a delay, it will display the settlement effect of the skill in the form of picture-in-picture. When the hero uses flying bullets to observe, the picture-in-picture will show the perspective of the hero. Double perspective to prevent being caught.

Lens shift

When you use a skill, and the point of the skill is slightly beyond the field of view, the camera will automatically shift to help you adjust the best skill release angle.

Character focus

In mobile games, you don’t need to jab the space/F1 to return to the perspective. You only need to turn on the character focus in the settings, and you can adjust the hero’s current vision in the upper right corner of the screen to adapt to the battle.

Focus on the enemy

You can hold down the attack button and drag it to the specified target to complete the focus lock operation. In this state, the hero will only attack the target when he releases his skills or basic attacks.

Automatic wayfinding

Turn on the automatic pathfinding function of the mini-map in the system settings, and by clicking the mini-map, the hero you operate will automatically move to the location you clicked.

Small map aiming

When the developers release the full map skills, auxiliary lines will appear in the minimap. When the auxiliary lines overlap with the enemy hero’s position, a crosshair will appear.

The Chinese version goes online, there will be exclusive events that will allow players to quickly obtain various rewards from previous overseas events. In the future, both games and events will maintain a consistent global rhythm.

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