2021 Oppo Developer Conference (ODC 21) will be on October 27, expect more information about ColorOS 12

The 2021 Oppo Developers Conference announced that it will be held at the Shanghai World Expo Center on October 27, with the theme of “openness, mutual integration, and innovation.”


The 2021 Oppo Developer Conference will hold a number of special events, including application services, games, cars, etc. It is expected to release some related information about ColorOS 12 adoption.

At the ODC 2020, Oppo launched ColorOS 11. This year, ColorOS 12 was released before the Developer Conference. The ColorOS 12 supports cross-screen interconnection and brings quantum animation engine 3.0, featuring “dynamic damping”, “limit feedback”, “speed inheritance”, “seamless transition” and other features. Brand-new new style acrylic icon, borderless design, real and noise reduction design, bringing a brand-new flake style.

ColorOS 12: Everything you need to know – Eligible devices, features, roadmap, latest news, and release date

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