Android 13 Pixel users gets new widget update to show battery life [U]

Android 13 Google Pixel Battery widget update

September 30, 2022

Another new update has surfaced for the Google Pixel battery widget running on Android 13 OS. As per the new information, the tiny icon inside the battery widget now adopts the specific design of the phone. However, the changes are seen only in Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.

Previously, the battery icon showed the simple icon of the device and now it has been changed to give a better look to the widget.

September 28, 2022

Yay! the most awaited feature in Google Pixel phones is here. Google, introduced the new battery widget last year in its Pixel phones. And now it is getting a new update on the Pixel devices running on Android 13 OS, which allows the widget to show the estimated time for how long the phone’s battery will last.

Now is a great time for the Pixel phone owners as the new delightful feature gives the idea to the users to plug into the charger before the battery drains completely.


New Update:

The new battery widget update to the Google Pixel phone provides information about how long your device will last, it shows the remaining time left.

The new feature is appearing on the ‘Setting Services’ app with build version Notably, this feature is not working on the stable Android 13 build, but it appears to be working on the QPR1 beta program.

Alongside this, the update is yet to roll out widely to cover all Pixel device owners. However, if you are willing to grab the widget update now, then you have to be the part of Android 13 beta program on your Pixel device.

I’d like to notify you that the battery widget was introduced during the feature drop earlier this year. It tells you about the device’s battery level and the connected device’s battery also. And ever since, it got a couple of updates.

Last update:

With the last update, users can resize the widget according to their convenience, and it also shows the remaining capacity on Wear OS smartwatches.


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