Android 13 QPR1 brings December 2022 security patch for Pixel devices

Android 13 QPR1 beta brings December 2022 security patch for Pixel devices

Google has pushed off the Android 13 QPR1 along with the fresh December 2022 security patch for the Pixel smartphones. The latest update is quite beneficial as it resolves more than 70 security threats and exploits of the Pixel devices. Alongside the improvements, the update also welcomes some new features on the board.

Another highlight of this interesting update is the Pixel Feature Drop. Under this segment, the Google Pixel 7 series gets a tripod of amazing functions. This includes the free VPN service, Recorder Speaker labels, and Clear Calling features. You can get a detailed view of these features below.

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  • Free VPN Services: Enable the VPN option from the Google One app and enjoy free services instead of 2TB or higher subscriptions.
  • Recorder Speaker Labels: Now, Speaker labels get a new update for identifying multiple speakers. This will enhance the speaker’s experience.
  • Clear Calling: This feature will cut out the background noise and will uplift the user’s voice volume to avoid disturbance under noisy surroundings.

In addition, you may find a combined privacy and security page for easy access, a powerful Pixel Launcher search, and an updated Spatial Audio function. For your information, these features are only available for the Pixel 7 series smartphones.

In terms of fixes, the latest Android 13 QPR1 December 2022 security patch comprises a total of 77 fixes for the vulnerabilities of the Pixel device system. These improvements are related to the system applications, Audio functions, Battery and Charging defects, Biometrics components, Bluetooth connectivity, Camera features, Display and Graphics, and more.

Android 13 QPR1 beta brings December 2022 security patch for Pixel devices

Moreover, the newly-released patch also looks after the basic operations and increases the performance level, stability, as well as connectivity ratio for the Pixel devices. You can learn more about these fixes and enhancements HERE.

As mentioned, the latest update is only available for Pixel devices at the moment. Although the company will soon roll out an effective update for other Android phones in the time ahead. Till then, you can check on the build version for your Pixel devices.

  • Pixel 4a:             TQ1A.221205.011 / Canada: TQ1A.221205.011.B1
  • Pixel 4a (5G):   TQ1A.221205.011
  • Pixel 5:               TQ1A.221205.011
  • Pixel 5a (5G):   TQ1A.221205.011
  • Pixel 6:               TQ1A.221205.011
  • Pixel 6 Pro:       TQ1A.221205.011
  • Pixel 6a:             TQ1A.221205.011 / O2 (UK): TQ1A.221205.012
  • Pixel 7:               TQ1A.221205.011 / O2 (UK):  TQ1A.221205.012
  • Pixel 7 Pro:       TQ1A.221205.011 / O2 (UK): TQ1A.221205.012


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