Android 14 adds useful option to adjust Material You contrast level

Android 14 Material You Contrast

Android 14 developer preview 2 contains several useful and interesting features, and one of them is the Material You Contrast level slider. Eventually, users will soon get an option to adjust the contrast of the Material You theming on their phone.

To recall, Google introduced Material You with the Android 12 operating system. Thereafter, the company kept on improving and renovating the colorful feature. Accordingly, the element generates a full Material You theming for your entire phone, including some third-party apps.

In the latest edition, the company is presenting Material You Contrast Level Slider with Android 14. As the name reflects, you can now modify the contrast of the Material You theme in a more efficient manner.

All you have to do is, visit the Settings menu on your Pixel handset, and tap on the Color and Motion option. Herein, a new slider named Contrast Level will be visible on the screen.

Android 14 Material You Contrast

Notably, the slider doesn’t alter the design, lighting effect, or colors of the smartphone. Rather, it tunes up the contrast of the color scheme to the middle or highest settings without any major changes.

For the moment, only three options are present to change the color contrast – Standard (the default appearance), High (significantly higher contrast), and a middle option that splits the difference.

To be mentioned, the middle option may not work accurately, since some segments of Material You are changing to be the same color. Initially, it might look like only a few colors are transforming.

Android 14 Material You Contrast

Although on a close-up, you will recognize the exact change in colors that are tweaked with each option. Almost everything gets a slightly different look, from text to background shades.

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Certain applications made for Android 14 do support the new associated contrast levels. Perhaps, these apps can fully adopt the benefits of Material You through increased accessibility.


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