Android 14 sideloading google apps

Android 14 will alert you when sideloading some Google apps

Android 14 will soon land on the consumer platform with several amazing functionalities, and one of them could be an alert while sideloading any Google apps. Yes, the new software upgrade to your handset will warn you before installing any application from another app store.

Google Play Store has some great alternatives that let you download any application on your devices. Though it is helpful, often such actions lead to unnecessary or wrong app build installation. To avoid these steps, the Android 14 OS will bring an update ownership API that will warn users about sideloading apps other than Google Play Store.

In simple words, if a different app store tries to push a new update to a particular application, Android will show up a dialog box asking users if they like to install the build from [X] since the app normally receives updates from [Y]. It further warns you ‘by updating from an alien source, you may receive further updates from any source on your phone’.

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On the other hand, Google is implying the updated ownership of its core apps like Play Services. The feature is quite effective as often sideloading results in the missing of several functionalities from the app. Eventually, here you have the option to choose to cancel or update anyway.

Android 14 sideloading google apps


Android 14 will alert you when sideloading some Google apps

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