Android 14 stable features

Android 14 stable arrives with all-new AI wallpapers and security features 

The wait is over and Google has finally availed of the stable Android 14 to its Pixel phone users with an exciting range of features. Yes, the latest upgrade is full of surprises and holds many useful capabilities. So without any delays on this matter, let’s dive into the details.

Android 14 is currently making its way to eligible Pixel devices ranging from 4a 5G to the 7th series and includes the Tablet and Fold models. Meanwhile, brands like OnePlus, Samsung, IQOO, Vivo, Nothing, OPPO, Realme, Xiaomi, and more will have their hands on their Android 14-based skins later this year.

Stable Android 14 Features

The latest Android version carries new customizations, AI Wallpapers, iOS-like privacy features, improved security aspects, and more. You can have a look at some of the features below.

  • Lock Screen

Google has added eight different clock styles alongside an analog Material You clock and a vertical day/date display. One can customize the two lock screen shortcuts from a list of options, such as Camera, Flashlight, and Wallet. To activate, touch, and hold it for some time. The lock screen also shows the day, date, and weather in one line.

  • AI Wallpapers

Wallpapers are now beyond your imagination as the company has added a pinch of AI functionalities. Not only unique but users will obtain truly customized wallpapers powered by artificial intelligence.

Android 14 stable features

  • PIN Entry

The tech giant has further made changes to the lock screen keypad. As of now, you will see Material You shapes for each digit when unlocking your device. Once can enable an option to auto-confirm their PIN without even tapping on the Enter tab.

  • Home Screen

Android 14 brings a bunch of new shortcuts with grouped and labeled tags. Perhaps, users will be able to access a few segments such as App Info, Pause app, Split Screen, and Widgets more easily. Besides, the main launcher now marks pages with dots and brings an improved widget picker for tablets. Alternatively, a monochrome theme is also available.

  • Media Player

The media player now features a wave effect when a button is tapped, and a lava lamp effect when playing. Meanwhile, the output switcher is now better organized, displaying more devices.

  •  Quick Settings

It’s easier to access the alarm – just tap the clock and adjust the font size by using the designated tile. Note that the font scaling isn’t linear and that larger font sizes will be enlarged at a slower rate compared to smaller ones.

Moreover, there is a new speaker icon that indicates when calls and notifications are muted. Remember that the ring and notification volumes have separate sliders.

  •  Share Sheet

The share sheet now includes more app actions and direct share targets, as well as a carousel for previewing videos and multiple images. Besides, the Nearby Share is more easily accessible in the grid.

  •  Charging

On connecting your device to a power source to charge, you will notice that the battery percentage is displayed in a neat pill-shaped icon. On the flip side, the Battery Saver icon will be filled instead of just outlined, indicating that your device is being charged.

It is also worth noting that you can effortlessly track your screen time since the last full charge by simply accessing the battery usage section.

  • Flash Notifications

Turn on the flash notifications to immediately receive the camera light or the screen signals for incoming alerts or alarm sounds. Notably, you have a choice of picking from 13 colors for the screen flash.

Android 14 stable features

  • Back Gesture

Back Gesture has now gained a refreshed effect which ultimately animates from a circle to a pill. It further adopts the predictive feature that easily previews what screen users are going back to or if they are turning back to the home screen.

  • Settings

The company has made the Settings section more advanced by adding some toggles in the M3 style, which is more colorful and rounded. There are also contrast options under Developer options that let you adjust the contrast level of your device.

  • Easter Egg

Android 14 easter egg is a space adventure that updates daily and offers a new glimpse. Users can access it by visiting Settings > About Phone. Now tap on the Android version and then on the logo.

  • Security & Privacy

You will see a shield icon in the security and privacy settings, which indicates an added level of protection. Additionally, fullscreen pages with header images are now available. Moreover, you have the option to personalize your regional preferences for temperature, first day of the week, and numeric formats.

On the other hand, apps are now required to provide a reason for sharing your location data with third parties, and you will receive a monthly overview of data-sharing updates. Last but not least, it’s more convenient to utilize third-party password managers and app stores.

  • Health Connect

As the name reflects, the respective capability enables you to share your exercise routes via maps and log your menstrual cycles more easily.

  •  Accessibility

This section includes an updated magnifier to zoom in and out, change the size, and keep it on while switching apps. Ahead, there is a new hearing aid pairing process, faster access to settings, and an easy way to route audio to different outputs.

  • Ultra HDR and lossless audio

Stable Android 14 features upgraded Ultra HDR still images. This new feature provides users with brighter and more vibrant colors, as well as enhanced contrast on compatible displays. In addition, Google Photos has announced support for Ultra HDR and features to display, backup, edit, share, and download their images in Ultra HDR format.

Another exciting update to Android 14 is that it now supports lossless audio formats when using wired USB headsets. This new feature ensures that users can enjoy high-quality audio without any loss in sound quality.

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Android 14 stable features


Android 14 stable arrives with all-new AI wallpapers and security features 

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