Android Daily News 2: New Nokia Android 10 Go smartphones, Sony will bring Visual Feature to PS5, and more

Welcome to RPRNA, in this article, we will cover all the latest news today about some Android phones- Nokia and Sony.
Check the top news about Nokia below:

  1. Nokia Android 10 Go certified by WiFi alliance
  2. Nokia 7.2 receiving an update

Check the top news about Sony below:

  • Sony will bring a visual feature to PS5
  • Sony could release the Xperia Compact model in 2021
  • Nokia Android 10 Go certified by WiFi alliance:

Back in September, Nokia Mobile certified five new phones TA-1318, TA-1320, TA-1308, TA-1312, TA-1306 in Korea by Korea Testing Laboratory. Now, the same phones, and a bit more of them, got certified by the WiFi alliance.

There are eight smartphones in total, TA-1306, TA-1308, TA-1309, TA-1312, TA-1314, TA-1318, TA-1320, and TA-1335. READ MORE HERE.

  • Nokia 7.2 receiving an update:

It seems that this November the security update for Nokia 7.2 won’t be coming alone. Some users of this gorgeously designed phone but with a rather obsolete processor, are reporting that instead of just the November security patch, they got a new Android Build V2.390 that is 1.61 GB large. READ MORE HERE.

  • Sony will bring a visual feature to PS5:

Sony has confirmed that it will bring Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) support to the PlayStation 5 sometime in the future via a system software update.

The news comes from an updated system FAQ on the Official PlayStation Blog (via VGC) in which Sony confirms that the “PS5 hardware supports Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) through HDMI 2.1.” READ MORE HERE.

  • Sony is set to release the Xperia Compact model in 2021:

Back in August, it was reported that Sony has plans to bring back its Compact line of phones in 2021. Japanese blog Android Next (via GSM Arena) has reiterated the rumor.

Per the publication, the Japanese conglomerate will release an Xperia Compact model in the first half of 2021.


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