Apple downgrade iOS 16.5

Apple blocks downgrade to iOS 16.5 version

Apple is once again bringing its trend into action and is blocking the downgrade to iOS 16.5 version. After releasing the new build – iOS 16.5.1 last week, the American tech giant has halted the signing for its previous software upgrades, so that iPhone users can effectively experience the latest iteration.

iOS 16.5 came on the user ground with a handful of features and optimizations. The update further holds fixes for major aspects of the device, including Spotlight, CarPlay, and Screen Time. In addition, one would have acknowledged better stability in terms of battery and system performance.

Despite new changes, the firmware brought in a critical bug affecting those with a Lightning to USB Camera Adapter. Though the iOS 16.5.1 build has improved this issue alongside a few more much-needed fixes, providing a coherent experience to users.

Coming back, Apple has blocked the downgrade of iOS 16.5. It means, that iPhone holders running the iOS 16.5.1 version won’t be able to return to the old build. A major reason behind this step is, the company promotes the new update to its users and encourages them to install the current update.

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Another point is to avoid the transfer of critical bugs from one upgrade to the other. Hence, it is important to keep your devices up-to-date. Meanwhile, this process also makes your handset compatible with the upcoming major software rollout, such as iOS 17.

Apple downgrade iOS 16.5


Apple blocks downgrade to iOS 16.5 version

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