Apple CEO reviews Apple’s self-repair project

Apple Ceo

On November 25 a report revealed that Apple CEO Tim Cook is optimistic about the upcoming self-repair service program and believes the project is a great fit for “trained” technicians and fans alike.

Just a few days ago Apple announced that it would provide parts, tools, and repair manuals to individual consumers as a “self-repair program”. It will be launched in 2022 and starting with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. This program will allow customers to obtain original Apple parts and tools for equipment repair.


Furthermore, Tim Cook said that:

Apple Ceo

We realized that there were some people that wanted to do this and that are trained to do this. They’re the Popular Mechanics crowd if you will, which I love and have been focused on my entire life. It feels good to put the manuals out there, and get the parts out there, that enable people to do this. Still, if you’re not comfortable doing that, we encourage you to come to the Apple Store and get it done for you. That’s still the best way, perhaps, for most people. But if you’re a technician, then have at it, because you’re able to do it yourself.

At the grand opening of the new Apple Store in The Grove, Los Angeles, Cook also reiterated that Apple focuses on augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and autonomy, adding that Apple will use these core technologies in a variety of ways.

Apple’s self-service program is designed for organizations and businesses that want to easily improve their products. Qualified organizations can access genuine Apple parts, tools, training, service guides, diagnostic programs, and resources to perform these repairs.

Advantages of the self-service program:

  • There is no annual fee to participate in the program
  • Provide online training at no extra cost to Apple
  • Maintain product installation basis, quality, and timely control of the entire repair process
  • Next day shipment of replacement product depends on parts availability and account status
  • Chat and Email Support from Apple

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