Apple iOS 16.2 Beta will support medication widget

In the latest Apple iOS 16.2 Beta 1, Apple brought a sleep lock screen widget option to the iPhone. Sleep data from the Health app can be displayed, and a new medication widget is coming soon.

9to5Mac found evidence of a new medication widget in the iOS 16.2 Beta 1 code. As of now, the medication widget is not available. It’s unclear if it’s a home screen widget, a lock screen widget, or both.

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Moreover, Apple has added strong support for managing medication in the iOS 16 system. This feature is integrated directly into the health app. Users can enter medications, set schedules and receive reminders, and learn about potential interactions between medications on the list.

iOS 16.2 medication widgetThe app will also warn users about interactions between drugs and substances such as alcohol. It’s unclear when Apple will officially add the new medication widget to iOS, but most of the code already exists in iOS 16.2 Beta 1. This suggests that the widget will arrive sooner rather than later, perhaps in a future beta version of iOS 16.2.


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