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Apple iOS 16.5 breaks compatibility with useful camera adapter

Apple has released iOS 16.5 upgrade to general consumers with a bunch of fixes, but it still has compatibility issues with a popular camera adapter. According to the details, the latest version is not an accurate fit for the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter accessory for iPhone and iPad users.

For your information, this useful adapter comprises a USB-A port, which ultimately connects a camera, microphone, or other USB-based items to an iPhone or iPad. It further has a lightning port for charging the respective handy gadgets.

However, the users who rely on this camera adapter facility recently reported that the latest Apple iOS 16.5 update breaks compatibility with both mentioned ports. Up to this point, several fans bumped into the Apple Support forums, Reddit, and other platforms to describe the difficulty they are facing.

As per the shared facts, the lightning port does not pass power to charge the iPhone and iPad after upgrading to the latest version. On the other hand, connecting another accessory to the adapter via USB-A sends an error message, reading ‘adapter requires too much power to operate’.

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Describing the defect in more detail, a user said that the element was working flawlessly. But as soon as he updated to the iOS 16.5 build, the adapter started functioning abnormally and doesn’t communicate to the DAC at all.

Currently, the Apple Support team has not answered the questions related to the issues. Perhaps, we can anticipate that the tech giant will release a fix to this problem in the coming days.

Apple iOS 16.5 camera compatibility


Apple iOS 16.5 breaks compatibility with useful camera adapter

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