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Apple iOS 17 will let you edit cinematic videos with third-party apps

Apple iOS 17 is bringing one more unique facility to your iPhone in the form of cinematic videos support from third-party apps. Yes, now you can edit dynamic clips and shots on your handy gadget with the upcoming major software upgrade.

Accordingly, the tech giant introduced a refreshed feature called Cinematic Mode, with iPhone 13 that applies the same idea as Portrait Mode to videos and offers blurred backgrounds similar to the effect of professional cameras.

However, to date, the only way to edit Cinematic videos is using Apple Photos, iMovie, or Final Cut. But this trend is going to change with iOS 17 and macOS 14 software upgrades. As per the details, the Apple iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma will let you edit the cinematic videos even if they are from third-party applications.

It is so because the new iOS and macOS versions hold a new API known as Cinematic. Eventually, it allows developers to add support for Cinematic video to their apps. The API works for both playback and editing, so other third-party editors will also be able to let users add such videos to their projects.

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Although it is worth mentioning that recording Cinematic videos still requires using the native iOS Camera app. You also need to have an iPhone 13 or later. Perhaps, just updating your devices to iOS 17 or macOS Sonoma won’t let you edit Cinematic videos in third-party apps, as these apps must be updated with the new API.

Apple iOS 17 cinematic videos


Apple iOS 17 will let you edit cinematic videos with third-party apps

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