Apple’s iPhone 11 is by far the single most popular smartphone model in 2020

Apple is all set to announce its iPhone 12 series in the coming weeks which will be the successor of the iPhone 11. New research from Omdia reveals that the iPhone 11 was the most shipped smartphone in the first half of 2020, while the other iPhones were also placed in the top 10 global rankings.

According to the report, the iPhone 11 is the most popular smartphone of 2020. Apple shipped 37.7 million units of the iPhone 11 in the H1 2020. The iPhone 11 performed better than last year’s top shipped iPhone, which shipped 26.9 million units in the H1 2019.

Surprisingly, there was no effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on iPhone 11 sales. Thanks to low prices, new features, and improvements in the iPhone 11, which helps Apple to gain more new users.



After Apple in the top position, Samsung’s Galaxy A51 was in the second position in the first half of this year. The Galaxy A51 shipped a total of 11.4 million units. It was also the only device in the top 10 smartphone list.

After Apple and Samsung, Xiaomi captured the remaining position in the top 10 smartphone list. It has 4 top-selling smartphones in the 10 best smartphones list in the first half of 2020.

As you can see in the above image, the other iPhone models are also in the top 10 list. With 8.7 million units, iPhone SE 2020 was in the 5th position. The IPhone XR with 8.0 million units in the sixth place, while the iPhone 11 Pro Max in the seventh place with 7.7 million units, and the iPhone 11 Pro in the tenth place.

In the first half 0f 2019, Apple only had 3 iPhones in the top 10 list, but the company now has 5 iPhones in the list in the first half of 2020. The reason behind the improved sales is the iPhone SE which helped Apple to maintain solid results in 2020. The new iPhone SE which was launched this year captured the good amount of market for Apple with 8.7 million units shipped.

If you are waiting for the new iPhone, Apple is expected to release 4 new iPhone models this year. These new iPhones will be loaded with some enhanced features such as OLED display, 5G connectivity, and new design. As per a report from Bloomberg, the company is preparing to deliver 75 million units of the new iPhones.

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