Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max tops Consumer Reports’ Smartphone Rankings

Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro won the top spot in Consumer Reports’ smartphone rankings. The iPhone 11 Pro also claimed the second spot.

According to Consumer Reports, the latest iPhone 11 Pro lineup has many important improvements. They have better battery life, good quality cameras, durability, improved display, and the more strong A13 processor.

Here’s what Consumer Reports said about the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max cameras:

“Our testers say the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max notched some of the highest scores in our ratings for still-image quality. The iPhone 11 also earned a Very Good score in this category. And all three phones received an Excellent rating for rear-video quality.”

Consumer Reports on Apple’s A13 chip:

“Our testers found the A13 Bionic chip included in all three phones to be significantly faster than the chips used in last year’s iPhones and in the highest-end Android models.

But you might not notice a difference. Apple’s previous chip also was very fast. Unless you’re doing processor-heavy activities, such as gaming or editing 4K video, you might not be able to see the speed increase in action.”

Specifically, Consumer Reports was very impressed with the iPhone 11 Pro’s battery life:

“The 11 Pro Max’s 40.5-hour stretch amounts to an impressive 11-hour increase over the 29.5-hour total of last year’s iPhone XS Max. The 11 Pro went 34 hours on a single charge, up from the 27.5 hours of the iPhone XS.”

You can read the full report here on the official website.

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