Apple iPhone 13 to come with 120Hz LTPO display

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This year’s iPhones are on the way and the leaks and rumors have been continuously coming regarding the expectations. And now there is something new that came regarding the display of the iPhone 13.

Display analyst Ross Young said that the two high-end “iPhone 13 Pro” models to be launched in 2021 are expected to use LTPO display technology and support a 120Hz refresh rate.

Young reiterated this detail on Twitter, saying that “only one model uses LTPO screens” is inaccurate. The LTPO OLED panel can turn on and off a single pixel on the display, with better battery life.

Young said earlier that LTPO technology is related to the 120Hz refresh rate and needs to be resolved before being applied to the iPhone, otherwise the 120Hz refresh rate will seriously affect battery performance.

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In this regard, multiple revelations have pointed out that the two Pro models of iPhone 13 will support LTPO technology and a 120Hz refresh rate. Samsung will supply most of the LTPO OLED screens to Apple, and Apple may also purchase displays from BOE and LG Display.


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