Apple iOS 16.6.1 security fixes

Apple iPhone users can no longer downgrade to iOS 16.5.1

Apple is dropping support for iOS 16.5.1 and iPhone users can no longer downgrade to it. This action is a part of the update policy where the company always stops signing the previous software versions after releasing a new upgrade among consumers.

Recently, the tech giant pushed off the iOS 16.6 update. Following the build, the company started restricting Apple iPhone owners to downgrade to iOS 16.5.1 version. Eventually, after installing the latest firmware, you cannot return to the old upgrade.

Going into the flashbacks, iOS 16.5.1 has been an efficient update for users. It brought fixes to the lightning to USB adapter issue and other two security vulnerabilities. However, a break on this upgrade is in favor of iOS 16.6 promotion among users.

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Note that the newest iOS 16.6 firmware fixes 16 privacy exploits in areas including the kernel, Find My, WebKit, and Apple’s neural engine. Hence, you should immediately upgrade your phone to the latest version.

Apple iOS 16.5.1 downgrade


Apple iPhone users can no longer downgrade to iOS 16.5.1

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