Apple lost its top position to Samsung in the global smartphone market in Q1, 2021

Samsung A72 August 2022 update

Last year, until the third quarter, Samsung still ranked first in the global smartphone market shipments. However, due to the strong demand for the 5G-enabled iPhone 12 series, Apple won Samsung’s crown in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Looking to the future, the South Korean technology giant launched the latest Galaxy S21 flagship series before the previous release cycle, hoping to regain its top spot in the global smartphone market. At the same time, the company introduced several mid-range phones with advanced features.

As a result, Samsung’s efforts seem to have achieved remarkable results. Its shipments surpassed Apple, reaching 76.5 million units and gaining a huge market share of 22%. In addition, the Cupertino-based company fell to its true position (AKA ranked second), shipped 52.4 million iPhones, and gained a 15% share.

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After the two smartphone manufacturers ranked second, three Chinese brands entered the top five. Xiaomi achieved its best single-quarter performance ever, with an increase of 62%. However, the company sold 49 million units, with a market share of 14%.

Oppo and Vivo ranked in the top five, shipping 37.6 million and 36 million units respectively. Huawei, no longer including honors, now ranks seventh with 18.6 million units, because the former number one in the world is still constrained by US sanctions.

Canalys Research Manager Ben Stanton said:

“In addition to great product value, Xiaomi is now also making strides to recruit local talent, become more channel-friendly, and lead in high-end innovation, as seen with the Mi 11 Ultra and its recent foldable, the Mi Mix Fold. Its competitors offer superior channel margin, but Xiaomi’s sheer volume actually gives distributors a better opportunity to make money than rival brands. But the race is not over.”

He added – “Oppo and Vivo are hot on its heels, and are positioning in the mid-range in many regions to box Xiaomi in at the low end. Honor is also a looming threat. It has already struck supply chain deals and is now signing distribution agreements to re-enter several markets in the second half of 2021. Xiaomi is leading the pack, but the race has only just started.”

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