Apple Patent iPhone wrap display

Future Apple iPhone could flaunt a wrap-around display: Patent

Apple has been serving the same kind of iPhone designs for the past few years but this trend could change in the upcoming years! As per a new patent, the tech giant is planning to introduce a new Apple iPhone with wrap-around display technology in the future.

The manufacturer has recently issued a patent entitled ‘Glass enclosure’ which reflects how a smartphone can use glass for its casing. A major challenge is that such cases require multiple layers associated with some fastening mechanics that can easily assemble them without taking much time or manual effort.

Meanwhile, the patent hints that the wrap-around display for the Apple iPhone should not only be a pleasing enclosure but durable as well. The company is trying to give an extruded tube shape to the enclosure so that devices with round edges and tubular bodies can fit conveniently.

This casing will further gain some seamless caps at the joints, adhered by a laser bonding system. Whereas, the main body won’t have a seam going around it. Being a protection as well as an external case, the glass will be transparent, translucent, and opaque in different areas.

You can check the complete patent HERE.

Apple Patent iPhone wrap display


Future Apple iPhone could flaunt a wrap-around display: Patent

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