Apple suspended several jobs outside R&D department

According to the report, Apple has suspended many jobs outside the research and development department, a move to upgrade an existing plan to reduce the budget next year. Apple made the move last month, ahead of its new quarterly earnings report.

In its earnings report, Apple said the company’s growth would slow in the holiday quarter. The hiring suspension generally does not apply to teams developing future devices and long-term projects, but it affects some company functions and standard hardware and software engineering roles, the report said.

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Apple said in a statement that the company will continue to hire, “but given the current economic environment, we have taken a very deliberate approach in certain areas of our business. We want to be thoughtful and make informed decisions that will allow us to long-term drive for innovation”. The company added that they are confident in Apple’s future.

Apple Hiring Some teams within Apple are still able to hire under special circumstances, and the company is still posting new jobs on its job site, people familiar with the matter said. But while Apple is still hiring for new roles, the actual hiring process has been largely put on hold. After the news came out, Apple’s stock price turned from up to down after the market, down 1% and has fallen 22% this year.


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