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Apple teases new iOS 17 Accessibility features before official release

Apple has announced a variety of new accessibility features that will make their way to iOS 17 devices. This incredible initiative holds tweaks related to the cognitive, speech, and vision aspects. Further, you will get some additional capabilities to enhance the overall user experience.

The company has unveiled these features ahead of the grand WWDC 2023 event. Although, these features are likely to arrive in the later part of this year. Meanwhile, every inclusion in this concept is quite helpful to consumers. So without any more delay, let’s tour the new Apple iOS 17 accessibility features.

Assistive Access

Eventually, the first and foremost feature is Assistive Access. It comprises a mode that offers an app that compiles Messages, Calls, Cameras, Photos, Music, and FaceTime apps in one frame. Besides, it provides a simplified interface with high-contrast buttons and large text labels. This will help with a better visual experience without searching every department on your phone.

Apple iOS 17 Accessibility features

Live Speech and Personal Voice Advance Speech

As the name reflects, it allows iPhone, iPad, and Mac users to type their words with a loud voice while using phone calls or FaceTime. Users can even save frequent terms and phrases to use them quickly when communicating.

On the other hand, those who are facing difficulty in speaking can generate a digital voice that will sound identical to their voice. All you have to do is, read along with a random para to record 15 minutes of audio. Thereafter, the feature uses on-device machine learning to keep your data secure and private.

Apple iOS 17 Accessibility features

Detection Mode in Magnifier

Here, the feature Point and Speak help users interact with physical objects that have several text labels. For example, while using a household appliance — such as a microwave — Point and Speak combines input from the Camera app, the LiDAR Scanner, and on-device machine learning to announce the text on each button as users move their fingers across the keypad.

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Additional Features

  • Deaf or hard-of-hearing users can pair Made for iPhone hearing devices directly to Mac and customize them for their hearing comfort.
  • Voice Control adds phonetic suggestions for text editing so users who type with their voice can choose the right word out of several that might sound alike, like “do,” “due,” and “dew.”Additionally, with Voice Control Guide, users can learn tips and tricks about using voice commands as an alternative to touch and typing across iPhones, iPad, and Macs.
  • Users with physical and motor disabilities who use Switch Control can turn any switch into a virtual game controller to play their favorite games on iPhone and iPad.
  • For users with low vision, Text Size is now easier to adjust across Mac apps such as Finder, Messages, Mail, Calendar, and Notes.
  • Users who are sensitive to rapid animations can automatically pause images with moving elements, such as GIFs, in Messages, and Safari.
  • For VoiceOver users, Siri voices sound natural and expressive even at high rates of speech feedback; users can also customize the rate at which Siri speaks to them, with options ranging from 0.8x to 2x.

Apple iOS 17 Accessibility features


Apple teases new iOS 17 Accessibility features before official release

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